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First of all - This site is all about my favorite game - Command & Conquer: Red Alert!
As you already may or may not know, Red Alert is an excellent real-time strategy game. It was created by Westwood Studios Inc. in 1996 and it still remains one of the top representatives of the whole real-time strategy genre.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is in my opinion, the best game available for the pc. It has great graphics, missions, and it's fun! You choose either the side of the Allies or the Soviets. So, wondering how Red Alert happened in the first place? Why don't you read the amazing story behind this game.

If you are interested, please scroll down to find news, infos, thousands of maps, utilities, many useful downloads, cheats, etc ... You can also download Red Alert game for free!

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Red Alert shall never die, only the players!
- RaZor
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Meanest mission
Testdrive: Putin's convoy mission
Resurrected... for a while
Mission Accomplished
Map Archive is not in beta stage anymore!
Never abandoned
After long time
Site updates this week
Maintenance works
Updates today
Map Packs updated
Message for uploaders
"Missions" section updated!
Campaign Ultraq 2.0b
Westwood Chat server emulator
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• Players: 2-4
• Map Size: 64 x 126
• Theater: SNOW
• Rules mods: no
• Author: unknown
• Thumbnail:
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Single player missions
green 21.6%
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Meanest mission
Posted by RaZor on Friday, 21-Oct-2016 15:10:05 +0300
I have uploaded a new mission called "Meanest mission" to the Missions section, made by Nosferatu.

I played it much and I can say that mission is well designed, long (for average player like myself are) and full of "surprizes"! And yes, it's really hard, one of hardest mission I ever played: that invulnerable guys with C4 made me a much butthurt! :)

This time I decided do not create testdrive video with this mission, because it will be really long (about 2 hours) and will spoil all interesting moments.

My rate to this mission: 9/10. Good job Nosferatu!
Testdrive: Putin's convoy mission
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 18-Oct-2016 23:09:42 +0300
Hello everybody! Today I had some time to test new RA stuff people uploaded to ftp/sent by email.

First I decided to try "Putin's convoy" mission made by Goatmessiah (uploaded to ftp). The mission is good and hard enough, but it's also broken: After I destroyed the convoy, the mission doesn't end. Then I destroyed all enemy stuff on the map and nothing happened. I think there is buggy/missed trigger in the map.

Goatmessiah, if you see this message please fix your mission. Then I will test it again and put to the New Missions section.

The video where I playing this mission:
Resurrected... for a while
Posted by RaZor on Sunday, 03-Jul-2016 14:31:34 +0300
Just wanna say that I fixed Aegean Conflict mission package. It was missing installation batch file, so I created ACinst.bat file by myself and put it back to package. No other changes has been made.
Thanks to Sad_princess for reporting this.
Mission Accomplished
Posted by RaZor on Wednesday, 26-Feb-2014 18:18:28 +0200
Dear RA Fans!

I regret to inform you that Red Alert Archive project is now officially closed. As of now, there are no concrete future plans for the site after the main goal "to keep as many original Red Alert stuff as possible" is achieved. I have also realized that the old red alert community is dead. So thats why I decided to close site and leave this place as memorial of such great game.

Please don't worry, the site is not going to shutdown. Site will work as before just without updates. Domain name and server is still in good people's hands. The database and all files are scheduled for backup on every day.

Lastly, I would like to thank people, without whom the site would not be the way it is today: BBird, RWP, PuMa, Rob, MadeMan, Aaro, redeyeman, Vasylly, Joshua Anderson.

Good luck and good bye!

P.S. -1 Player, haha :)
Map Archive is not in beta stage anymore!
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 14-Jan-2014 23:24:14 +0200
I have spent much time past weekend, and now I think it’s safe to say that Map Archive section is not in beta stage anymore!

List of changes:
- added ~300 maps
- removed broken/incomplete/empty maps
- removed 99% of duplicates
- map thumbnails are now more detailed and dispays all structures and units placed on map
- removed useless information like "precentage of ore",etc from map listing
- filled author information and map descriptions for most known maps

Now I'm think is time to close old "Maps", "Mega maps" and "RaZor's maps" sections and replace them with this one.
Never abandoned
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 19-Dec-2013 22:12:50 +0200
Fortunately, I found some time this week to work with this site:

Yesterday I stress tested that ARM-based board which I received from my friend more than month ago. Testing went smoothly without stability issues and all features worked as expected. Today I completely moved RA-Archive, RA-Forum and my other projects to that small server.

RA-Archive migration went well without downtime or interruptions. All things works well, except for RA-Archive admin panel. It was written more than 10 years ago and doesn't work with recent version of php. I'm not going to fix it again this time. Instead, I will completely rewrite this old piece of sh*t later :).

As a little bonus, I added search and sort features to the Map Archive section. Now you can find any RA map quickly and easily by using new filter options.

I have also replied to almost all emails which I received from visitors. -Sorry guys, I didn't upload any of your stuff with this update. But I promise, I will upload them in the near future. You know I'm buzy and lazy sometimes, but I never abandon my projects.
After long time
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 14-Nov-2013 18:55:05 +0200
Hi guys!

My apologies for long delay in updates. As always I've been busy (and lazy :)). Here are some updates that should have come out in the past couple of months:

* Added new Map Archive section which contains almost all maps that I found on the net. It's experimental now, but I plan to add search, sort, and other features in the coming future.
* Fixed information on weapon for allied "Rifle Infantry" unit on the Allied Units page (thanks to 14lines for reporting this).
* Added missed GPS Satellite icon to Icons page (thanks to Zabu for reporting this).
* Completely rewritten poll script. The old one had security problems, and there was no protection against bots.
* Started new poll named "Which mode do you usually play?". To use new poll, your web browser must accept cookies.

I would like to thank my old good friend Vasyllis for donating Cubieboard3 dev board.It's very power efficient single-board computer with good processing power. I plan to use it as new webserver for RA-Archive and my other hobby projects.

There are also many emails that I received since August. I will try to reply to them all in the near future. But please forgive me if I don't...

Thank you for visiting, and have fun exploring!
Site updates this week
Posted by RaZor on Sunday, 14-Jul-2013 01:43:25 +0300
* Added new pages: Allied Characters, Soviet Characters, Download Red Alert.
* Updated pages: F.A.Q., Unofficial Patches, Trainers, RA-Archive Credits.
* Added Saved Games for 3.03 RA version.
* Added 123 Video Files.
* Added Red Horizon Utilities v0.30 by Emanuel Rabina.
* Added Document files: Red Alert Field Manual, Aftermath Manual.
* Added New Units: Jet Ski, Nuclear Sub, Heavygunner, Real Warz Tank Pack(T-39 Archer, M2-4 Raptor, PATT - M-60 Patton, M1A2 Abrams)
* NULL-ed all author's emails in RA-Archive database (read previous news for more information).
* Automatically parsed over 2000 Red Alert maps. But they are not yet published on the RA-Archive -- new map section is still not completed, and I don't know whether I will complete it. I almost lost my motivation to work on this site.
Maintenance works
Posted by RaZor on Saturday, 06-Jul-2013 23:16:46 +0300
I have rewritten some of the RA-Archive shitcode to be more efficient and fixed site internal problems. I have also removed backward compability with RA-Archive v3.0 URL scheme -- I think there is no more sites on the net that are still using old RA-Archive links.

It was decided to NULL all author's email addresses in the RA-Archive database. Since most of them are no longer valid and their owners have retired from Red Alert scene a long time ago.
Updates today
Posted by RaZor on Friday, 05-Jul-2013 22:35:43 +0300
* Added 4 new missions. Most of them are the part of incomplete "Nuclear Winter" campaign.

* Added "Interior Megamap" and "Textless cameos (sidebar icons)" by FunkyFr3sh to Miscellaneous Files section.

* Updated Documents section. I have uploaded some old text files to it.
Map Packs updated
Posted by RaZor on Wednesday, 03-Jul-2013 14:50:10 +0300
Added 4 packs of RA maps to the Map Packs section. I have also repacked some of them to get rid of 16-bit installers.
Message for uploaders
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 02-Jul-2013 22:05:45 +0300
Dear Visitors, I have to inform you that the RA-Archive is no longer accepting:

* 16-bit software
* software that are based on bloatware frameworks like Microsoft .NET. Java/python software is still accepted
* software that didn't pass virustotal.com test
* online trainers/hacks

Thank you for understanding.
"Missions" section updated!
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 02-Jul-2013 20:59:35 +0300
I have added 6 single player missions which someone have uploaded to our public ftp. Thank you anonymous hero(es)! :)
Campaign Ultraq 2.0b
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 02-Jul-2013 15:09:07 +0300
Uploaded the lastest version of Campaign Ultraq 2.0b by Emanuel Rabina.

Campaign Ultraq consists of over 40 new missions, in which a story of friendship, war, and betrayal unfold. Under the wing of the Allies' greatest war hero, Field Commander Ultraq, will you be taught the vital lessons needed to face the enemy at your best, and at their worst. Because only by following in the footsteps of a legend, can you begin to aspire to his caliber...

Please visit official website for more information. Alternatively you can get it from our Campaigns section.
Westwood Chat server emulator
Posted by RaZor on Sunday, 30-Jun-2013 15:13:30 +0300
Uploaded cross-platform Westwood Chat server emulator written in Java by Matthias Lorenz. It supports TD, Sole Survivor, and of course Red Alert! Requires Java Runtime v5 to run and "hosts" file editing on client side to connect. For expirienced users only!

I have tested it little on Linux and WinXP64 - seems it works good. If you need it, check Utilities section.
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